Chloe + Richie Maternity | Atlanta & Reno/Tahoe Lifestyle Photographer

"We are two wild horses who's hearts run wild and we have now found our running partner." Chloe + Richie Sabatino

If I was ever to have a little, bratty, sister that made me laugh, it would be Chloe. We worked together during my last "office job" before doing photography full-time and she helped keep me sane with a really, weird boss (don't we have at least one of those?) Around the time I moved out West from Atlanta, Chloe moved to Birmingham, Alabama. Let's just say it wasn't her favorite city after growing up in Atlanta.....

The way Chloe & Richie met is not surprising. Chloe was at a whiskey bar with a neighbor after a few Old Fashions cocktails Richie sat down at her table to say "Hello" to his friend (Chloe's neighbor). Upon hearing his Northeast accent, Chloe immediately said, "You're from a REAL CITY! We have to be friends!" Then after a few snarky back & forth quips and winning each round of his smart ass challenges, Chloe was feeling bit frisky. As he said something to his friend, I exclaimed, "Ok, whatever, RICHARD."  To which he replied, "It's Richie." and the following scene played out:

Chloe: "Richie is short for Richard; No Mother names their child Richie!"

Richie: *Smirking confidently* pulls drivers license out of his wallet and tosses across the table.

Chloe: *Not to let her defeat show* glances at license which reads, "Richie Joseph Sabatino", also notices birthday one week from her own and says, "Well, you're mother named you Richie, good for her. Could your name get more guido?"

Richie: Snatches license back quickly and says, "How does it feel to be wrong?"

Chloe: "I don't care.  We should still celebrate our birthdays together" (Nice move Chloe!)

Chloe is convinced her unwavering charm that really got Richie's attention. During the maternity session, I recall Richie saying, "As soon as she walked in I knew she was mine.")

Chloe is a beautiful (still bratty) Mom-To-Be and I'm so happy that she has met her match....I have never laughed so hard during a maternity session. Richie is a chef at a popular restaurant in Atlanta so of course we had to show off some of his cooking skills. A littttttle less flour next time Richie!

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