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Kelli Price Photography Features & Awards - 2018

The Shoot & Share contest is an annual, world-wide photo contest that brings the photography community together to share what we love....beautiful & inspiring photos. In 2017, 330,116 photos were submitted, and over 60 MILLION votes were cast by 150,000 people from 159 different countries! 9 of my photos received badges in 2018 (for photos captured in 2017). 

A little truth train .... 2017 was an awesome, crazy, fun roller coaster of a ride and my most successful year since I started my photography business in 2013. But honestly, I had a hard time selecting the images for the contest that I thought were beautiful & inspiring. Was it just "one of those years"? Was I trying too hard to beat last year's results? Did I have bad luck with weather?  Did I not plan enough? Or was I just. TOO. damn. busy?? Whatever it was, I am honored that my images made it as far as they did......but dang it I wish more had! So, my goal for 2018 is to slow down and do more creative shoots. Let me know if you want to play!! 

Thank you to all of my 2017 clients, from East coast to West coast, that let me be a part of your family and special occasions! I am SO lucky to have this opportunity to do what I love!

Check out the Shoot & Share images that made it from my 2016 photo sessions! You can also view my Top favorite 100 Images from 2017 (37 were submitted in the contest).