Tuesday's Together Group "Wrath" Project | Reno Lifestyle Photographer

When I started my photography career, I was very lucky to have photographer friends that I could call when I had a question or was in desperate need for moral support (translation: glass of wine). When I moved out west I knew it would be import to have some creative friends I could rely on. I was already following the Rising Tide Society group, which focuses on "Community over competition."  So, I was excited when I heard they started a Tuesday's Together meetup and there was a group in Reno. The meetings are an open space for idea sharing and goal building (and a glass of wine).

After a few months of being part of the meetup, we were tasked with a group project that represented our city. Since there are 30+ creatives + entrepreneurs, we quickly decided to break up into smaller groups and picked  'The 7 Deadly Sins' as our theme, but with a focus on the positive side of Reno's sins. For example, Lust = wanderlust, Gluttony = the great food, and wrath = the popular Burning Man which takes place just outside Reno. So what group did I join? I signed up for wrath, of course!

We toyed with the idea of driving to the actual Burning Man venue, Black Rock, for an authentic vibe, but then found the awesome Morris Burner Hostel which has a "Mini Playa" courtyard and themed rooms. It was the perfect location and everybody at the hostel was so helpful.

We started the day with hair & make-up by the lovely Mandy and Courtney. Then drove over to the hostel to begin our day and set-up. Considering we had THREE photographers and 1 stylist, it all went very smoothly. It was all about collaboration and letting everybody be creative in their own way. I'm so lucky to have been part of a group with 3 awesome ladies that I can call good friends (and call for a glass of wine.....are you seeing a pattern here?)

Thank you to the team and all the models! If you like their work, please check their information out at the bottom of the gallery. 

Thanks to Farrihn who suggested the Morris Burner Hostel. Check out her engagement session!


Photography (on this blog) :: Kelli Price Photography

Additional Photography :: Olga Villacorta & Melissa Vargas

Venue :: Morris Burner Hostel

Event Rentals (the awesome moon!) :: The Entertainer

Hair :: Courtney Jayye IG: @courtney_jayye

Makeup :: Mandy IG: @me_beautystylists

Styling :: Juli Ramirez

Flower Wreath :: Kelly Jo Smith from a Floral Affair

Model :: 

Model :: 

Model :: Juli Ramirez

Model :: Olga Villacorta

Model :: Melissa Vargas

Performer ::