Katie's Graduation from Law School | Atlanta, Georgia Family Photographer

Congratulations to Katie! She graduated from the College of Law at Georgia State University College of Law this past Spring. Her family came up from Florida to celebrate the momentous occasion and took advantage of the gathering for family portraits. According to her sister, she graduated with a "Degree in Awesomeness". In real life, she will stay at the company she worked at during law school practicing in-house counsel.

When I arrived at their cute rental in downtown Atlanta, I was greeted with a driveway covered in street signs and license tags. Then I walked into their brick-lined beautiful courtyard with a NAP ROOM. A nap room people.....this has to be the best.invention.ever. It also made for super cute photos of Katie's little nieces. They were excited to get their photo with Auntie Katie!

GO Katie!! Now, everybody leave her alone while she studies for the bar exam......