I had a plan.

I had a plan.  1 green wall, 2 cute little girls and 3 white balloons. Wouldn’t that be adorable?! The plan was to shoot for 20-30 minutes with a “surprise” if they were well behaved. What I didn’t plan on, was a full parking lot 9:00 on a Saturday morning (shame on me). So, keeping the balloons hidden in the car wasn’t a convenient option, or I would have to walk back to the car in the middle of the session.  

I grabbed my supplies and the three balloons. Correction, TWO balloons (the 3rd slipped out of my grasp). New plan: 1 green wall, 2 cute little girls and a balloon for each girl.  So adorable!  As I suspected, the goal of sweet little poses turned into the 3 year old running around with the balloons.  No problem….action shots are important too! A few minutes later, we are down to 1 balloon. Really? Were you surprised?

Lesson Learned: Even the best plans will have a few flaws, just go with the flow! 1 balloon works as well as 3!