The Storytelling Companion Podcast - Pictures Tell The Story | Kelli Price Photography

I’m so excited to be a guest on a podcast recently. Other than listening to my own voice, I love talking about what I do for work, Corporate Event Photography! Click HERE to listen!

About The Story Telling Companion Podcast by Christopher Thiede - Storytelling is a powerful tool in business communications, but it’s often misunderstood. The Storytelling Companion is a podcast dedicated to helping you sharpen your storytelling skills so you can connect with your audiences. We’ll talk to people from all walks of business, hear their stories, and share storytelling lessons and techniques you can apply in your work.

We live in a visually oriented media world. So photography has never been more important. Especially when they are used to capture events like weddings…or corporate gatherings. This week’s guest is photographer Kelli Price, who talks about the nuances of telling the story of an event through pictures.