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I'm a little late on this blog, by about 3 years…but sometimes you go through old images and think, “wow, I nailed that session.” It doesn’t hurt that this little nugget is my niece so I automatically love every image. And who doesn’t love a baby AND a kitty image?? I’m talking about in ONE image people….a baby and a cat. I also love that my brother came up with the cute pose of him and my SIL laying on the carpet next to the crib, so cute!

As a lifestyle photographer, I wanted to discuss the types of newborn photography. I receive this question a lot and wanted to show off a perfect example of what type I offer, which would be a lifestyle newborn session. I’m happy to answer any question you have! Or you can read more in this in-depth blog:

Posed or Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Which One is Right For You?

  • Posed newborn photography is more traditional. These images are usually of a baby (most often asleep) in poses on blankets or inside props. Lifestyle newborn photography, on the other hand, is a style of photography where the baby is in their own home or another location important to the family, not a studio. At-home lifestyle newborn sessions are about the connection and love that family members already have for this new life.

Thanks for my lovely sister-in-law for capturing the last photo of Auntie Kelli (that’s me) and Jane Bug.