The 10 Best Event Photographers in Sacramento by Peerspace | Corporate Event Photography by Kelli Price

The 10 Best Event Photographers in Sacramento by Peerspace

There’s always something going on in Sacramento. And with so many great events happening, it’s no surprise that the city is home to numerous amazing event photographers. Great event photography can be difficult — lighting conditions may vary, crowds can be small or substantial, and the most important moments happen in the blink of an eye. You need an event photographer who is fast-paced and adaptable, someone always ready to capture those exciting moments. And it’s a bonus if they can convey the spirit of the event in each of their images. The best Sacramento event photographers have these skills in droves.

They know exactly how to balance a documentary approach to photography with a keen eye for detail. These shutterbugs create work that is emotional, expertly composed, and most of all, never loses sight of an event’s messaging or purpose. You’ve put in the time to plan an amazing event, now be sure to hire an incredible photographer to make sure it’s never forgotten. 

  • Kelli Price has a solid eye for what makes your event unique. Focusing on capturing authentic moments, real emotions, and all the details that set your event apart, Kelli’s work always keeps your brand and message at the forefront of each image. Whether it’s a big awards show, a wild concert, or a quiet dinner, Kelli has covered it all. Her passion for photography is clear in her photos, which she carefully crafts with expert lighting and thoughtful compositions that will make any event look great. Her distinct style makes her one of the best Sacramento event photographers working today.

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