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Kelli Price Photography Features & Awards - 2019

The Shoot & Share contest is an annual, world-wide photo contest that brings the photography community together to share what we love....beautiful & inspiring photos. In 2018, 413,00 photos were submitted, and over 81 MILLION votes were cast by 175,000 people from 160 different countries! Thirteen (13) of my photos received badges in 2019 (for photos captured in 2018). 

“The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is unique because it’s all about the photos. It’s not about one photographers’s popularity vs. another’s or the ability to rally social media for votes. It’s not about your financial ability to pay for more entries to flood the photo pool.”

Last year I was a little disappointed in my Shoot & Share results. So, in 2018 I made an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone in my photo sessions. And I’m happy with the results! Dragon’s session was the most popular, which I knew it would be. Looking over the images that made it to the Top 10%-30% I see a theme of strong, independent women……including my niece reaching for the ice cream!

Thank you to all of my 2018 clients, from East coast to West coast, that let me be a part of your family and special occasions! I am SO lucky to have this opportunity to do what I love!

Check out the 2018 Shoot & Share images that made it to the Top 30%! You can also view my Best of 2018 images.