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I recently saw the comment below on a Facebook post after a client posted their headshot and it made my day. As I said before, working with client on their individual portraits is one of my favorite things to photograph. Because, let’s be honest….most people over the age of 22 don’t enjoy the direct attention of a camera. But this is where I come into the picture to make YOU feel comfortable and you are excited to post your lifestyle headshot image.

“That must be a Kelli Price original!!”

I love seeing all the headshots on social media I have taken over the years. Between corporate events such as, Retreats Resources roadshows, which averages about 75-100 headshots over 5 days, SITE Southeast events, small business branding photography sessions and individual portraits, there are a LOT out there! So, I’ve decided to start a new hashtag: #kelligivesgoodheadshots Did it make you laugh? Good!

Post your headshot (new or old) with #kelligivesgoodheadshots AND tag me and I will send you a little gift in the mail!! Thanks to my “Creative Tribe” from my USMotivation days…..Jennifer Childress, Jennifer Lanier & Robyn Smith for helping me with the hashtag idea. But Robyn gets the crown for this winner!!

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