Winter Maternity in Truckee, CA | Lifestyle Photography based in Truckee/Tahoe Area

What started off with a question, “Does The Tahoe Sports Hub wax snowboards?” soon turned into, “Hey, do you want to do a maternity session this weekend?” In all honesty, after all our storms and grey days, I was feeling a little unmotivated & creative. Working with friends is always an easy way to get back into things! And being from the South, photographing in the snow with a puffy jacket on still takes a little effort.

I had to get Wrenn’s little girl, Libby, reading a book with Mommy before she got ready for the shoot. We traipsed down to an open field in their neighborhood, which after quite some effort, and working up a sweat, to get through the snow….we finally made it to the overlook area! After little ones peed and doggies barfed up….something, it was all quite lovely and adorable :)

I couldn’t have asked for a better photo session to get me out of my winter creative funk!