Family Sessions at TOPGUN | Lifestyle Family Photographer for Military Families

I loved the responses when I posted on social media, "No big deal, but have have a mini session scheduled at Top Gun.....queue the music" 

  • Highway to the danger zone...

  • Negative ghostider... The pattern is full.

  • You can be my wing woman any time!

  • I was inverted.

  • When they start playing volleyball with their shirts off, you’d better hit record!!!

  • So did you pickup a Maverick?

  • ICE!!

  • I feel the need! The need for speed!

  • And of course, multiple funny memes!

All these cute little clients during the mini session don't understand any of these jokes or memes. And they probably don't quite understand what their family has sacrificed as a military family. But one day they will. But one thing for sure, they all loved their Daddies and watching the planes take-off!

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