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I met Amanda McLernon last year at a Rising Tide, Tuesday's Together meeting in Reno. I could tell right away her passion for social media AND keeping it real was different then other people I follow or have met. Her excitement for social media and continuing to learn about the changes in her field is really inspiring (hello folder of photography classes I should take). She even has her own hashtag with TONS of followers: #keepsocialmediasocial

For her session, her goal was to have great photos she could use for her website and social media platforms. So we wanted to keep with a color palette of light colors, white and pretty pinks to match her logo. But more importantly, the goal was to show off her personality and how she  works for her clients to make them successful (donuts? best client ever!).

I've continue to work with McLernon & Co. on other projects, such as their MeetUps to highlight local vendors and Lunch & Learn events in Reno. We have also worked on several successful photo sessions for their client PantyDrop, make sure to check it out! 

Learn more about McLernon & Co below!

At McLernon & Co, our social media obsession is to #KeepSocialMediaSocial. There are so many brands that focus on beautiful photos and perfect captions. But, underneath those glossy photos and authentic-ish captions are followers from a bot. That’s not real, and it’s definitely not social.

#KeepSocialMediaSocial means we focus on building real, honest connections with people through innovative social media strategy. We create and encourage conversations that build engagement among your network of followers and friends.

#KeepSocialMediaSocial means we keep it genuine and social. It’s not about selling a product—it’s about connecting.

#KeepSocialMediaSocial means we focus on the final word in that hashtag: Social. Being social comes from creating authentic connections and engagement with an audience, not just counting the number of followers an account has.