Hey, hey…..look over here!

Getting a natural smile on a child takes a little creativity.  There are plenty of tips & tricks on ways to get them laughing.  The best is to say something using a mix of farts, pants and Dad….you get the idea.  Do not say “cheese.”  Multiple suggestions have been “Fuzzy Pickles” but this just gets a confused look on the adults face.  There are also squeaky toys for toddlers and feather dusters for babies.  I have a friend that can make a funny sound when she takes pictures, or sings a lullaby to soothe a crying baby.  

So, how do you get a horse’s attention?  That was a tricky lesson I learned recently.  You can’t say their name in a higher pitched voice, like you might with your dog or cat.  A squeaky toy probably would have offended the horse. And saying, “Hey, look over” was just downright silly.  It ended up being a simple solution, a handful of feed that I could shake would get his attention and perked up ears.  I’m pretty sure I captured a couple images where the horse was saying “cheese”.

Lesson Learned: Just when you know the right things to say, you realize you don’t.  Just bring snacks.