Just be awesome....

It's been awhile since I posted, but with the holidays upon us I realized it was time to stop and appreciate what we have in our lives. Sometimes we take for granted the simplest things, like a bed & a place to hang your clothes. Last month I joined my co-workers for a children's extreme bedroom make-over through a partnership with Agape in Atlanta. Our team was assigned to a pair of energetic siblings, Eric and Elizabeth. Like all children, they loved Legos & the movie, 'Frozen'.  Most importantly, this would be the first time Elizabeth had her own bed and a space to call her own. 

The team also nominated me to take family photos (and of course I was happy to oblige).  While we agreed having a warm bed was the number one priority, having family portraits that the family could enjoy for many years was also a small luxury they may not have been able to afford. I was able to capture some fun moments of them near the apartment complex. But the best pictures were definitely as they walked into their brand, new room and Elizabeth saw her bed; complete with pink, princess-like sheers. We used the sibling photos to decorate the kids room and surprised their Mom & Dad with a frame for their room too. 

Agape empowers and supports underserved families within its community to discover and embrace their full potential. To learn more about Agape and their room make-overs, please visit www.agape.org