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Incentive Program in Key Biscayne, Florida

The past few years of my corporate event photography have taken me to some pretty amazing places. I mean, the Las Vegas and St. Louis Convention Centers are pretty impressive ;) No seriously, as much as I would love to be home a little more often, I am pretty lucky with the locations I get to visit. My favorite incentive event location in 2018 was Key Biscayne near Miami, Florida.

First of all, while I don’t mind camping or taking a nap in my car when necessary (don’t judge). I have become pretty spoiled with the hip & heavenly hotels I get to stay in during the Retreats Resources Showcases. But getting to stay at a Ritz-Carlton has really spoiled me! Photographing the welcome dinner with the breeze from the ocean is really can’t be beat.

The last night of the incentive program was held at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. It was an event photographer’s playground of vignettes, unique architecture, beautiful gardens and a sunset over the water. Then add in the dressed up guests, the hors de vous & cocktails the most amazing table scapes! I just didn’t know where to focus my attention at times!

Vizcaya has been described as “the finest private house ever built in America,” “a jewel among Miami’s skyscrapers and subdivisions,” and “some Noah’s Ark of decorative arts,” its exteriors offering the “manic tranquility of the great European folly gardens.” Most of us who know Vizcaya well embrace this place for both its serious significance and its eccentric charm.

I love this first photo below of the servers heading to meet the guests as they arrive to the venue. Check out my Event Photography Blog to see how it made the short-list for the 2019 Event Photography Awards in the Catering category!